Church Minister Services

Rev. Jay Phelps

I am an Ordained Minister in the United Reformed Church, and locally work closely with other Denominations and have a very strong Church of England background. I look after the teaching and pastoral care of 2 local congregations.

For Christians I encourage a broad and generous engagement with the Bible, to be non- judgemental disciples in an ever changing world.

For those damaged by the Church experience, I give an opportunity to see a different side to being a person of faith.

For those without experience of The Church or Jesus; I provide answers and a chance to explore life in a stimulating yet understandable way.

I can also spend time listening to, and supporting people.

I can conduct Baptisms, Child Dedications, Weddings and Funerals in our local Chapels, or Crematoria.

Above all I am part of a praying community that knows from experience that when we pray the day goes better!

I am happy to receive emails or telephone calls from anyone who would like to contact me. Where possible I will respond promptly. Text is a good way to get a quick reply!